Aloncé is a singer in the Bratz TV show and video games. She is a very successful singer who has two platinum CDs and grammys. The Bratz met her (in the TV show) when she came to Stilesville to shoot her new video. Aloncé is idolised by Sasha. She is voiced by Cree Summer Francks, but her singing voice is by Lauren Evans. Aloncé is in the episode "Sasha's Big Interview". Aloncé doesn't like people telling her what to do, and she can be a diva. Aloncé was on the cover of Bratz magazine.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Aloncé is has lightly tanned skin. There is a tattoo of a crescent moon on her hand She has long, straight ginger hair extensions, but her eyebrows are black. Aloncé's eyes are brown, and she wears pink and white eyeshadow with pink lipstick. Aloncé was seen wearing a yellow bikini top, yellow mini skirt and yellow strappy heeled sandals in her "My Attitude" music video and photo shoot. Casually, she wears a purple t-shirt, black shiny pants and white and blue sneakers. Her accessories for her casual outfit are a purple and white hat, and sunglasses.


  • Aloncé is a parody of Beyoncé.


  • Burdine didn't know who Aloncé was and thought her name made her sound like a "four door sedan".
  • Aloncé's songs are "Everything", "My Attitude" and "Shining Like Real Diamondz".