On the Mic is a collection of dolls released in 2012. The dolls available are Cloe, Jade, Sasha, Yasmin, Eitan and Thad. The theme is rocking out with your friends.


The Bratz® love to get decked out in their coolest rock gear and transform their beautiful hair before they rock their hearts out on stage. Includes doll, fashion, hair extensions, star hairbrush and a hand microphone.

Get ready to rock out with some serious style and an awesome voice-changing microphone! Each doll comes with a stylin' stage outfit, voice-changing microphone and speaker that includes two unique songs per character. Batteries required. The Bratz Boyz™ love to get decked out in their coolest rock gear before they rock out on stage. Includes doll, fashion, and cool instrument accessory.


The tour bus is a giant, posh, pink bus. It has a fancy kitchen; flip down vanity and DJ booths; removable seats; speakers that connect to MP3 players or Bratz On the Mic microphones; an elevating stage platform; and many accessories. The microphone has musical effects to transform the user's voice. It can be plugged into computers, the tour bus and the On the Mic Speakers. Also, the Bratz On the Mic guitar is electronic. It has bass, drums and keyboard sound effects to create the sound of a band, the user can strum to play, push-button frets, whammy bar and change the tempo. The guitar includes a headset microphone. It can be connected to the On the Mic microphone.