Bratz Forever Diamondz is a collection of Bratz products released in 2006. The dolls introduce Sharidan and Vinessa. The unique dolls are sold with a very special gift for the owner: real diamond jewelry. It includes a ring (necklace for the Bratz doll), a necklace (hair jewellery for the Bratz doll), and a bracelet. Katia, Vinessa and Fianna are also a part of this, but don't come with any jewelry, nor have the same fashions as the five Bratz girls listed above.


  • Bratz Forever Diamondz: Cloe, Jade, Sasha, Sharidan, Yasmin.
  • Bratz Forever Diamondz Design: Fianna, Katia, Vinessa.

Funky Fashion MakeoverEdit

  • Bratz Forever Diamondz - Styling Torsos : Cloe, Jade, Sasha, Sharidan, Yasmin

Playsets and VehiclesEdit

  • Bratz Forever Diamondz Bus (currently available only in the UK & Australia)
  • Bratz Forever Diamondz Limo (currently available only in the UK & Australia)
  • Bratz Forever Diamondz Fashion Show On The Go
  • Bratz Forever Diamondz RC Classic FM Cruiser (Based on a 1950's Mercedes-Benz 190SL)
  • Bratz Forever Diamondz Plane (currently available only in the UK)


A direct-to-DVD movie was released in 2006. It is about Bratz magazine competing against Your Thing magazine in a fashion competition.

Video GamesEdit

Games based on the movie were released in 2006 on PC, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, and Gameboy Advance. band bratz forever diamondz 5 piece set