Cloe Jones
Official artwork of Cloetta with Barkthalameow.
Name Cloe Jones
Character Power Description "I’ve got two sides to me... wicked glam times two! Funky and flirty, I can change you into anything you want... so be careful what you wish for!"
Magic Power Can transform into anything
Witchmark Moon & Stars
Fave Color Black-hot pink
Fave Food Fried ice cream
Fave Drink Caramel non-fat witchuccino
Fave Music Pop
Fave Class History of Platform Shoes
Fashion Passion Girly glitter
Fave Pet Barkthalameow
Cloetta Spelletta is one of the five main Bratzillaz characters. She is Cloe's wicked cousin. Cloetta found out she was a witch on her sixteenth birthday. She goes to a secret academy in the woods to learn how to cast magical spells, where her favorite class is History of Platform Shoes.

Cloetta's magical power is to transform people into anything they want, and she has a cat/dog hybrid pet named Barkthalameow. Cloetta loves two-tone fashions, over-the-knee boots, and sparkly capes.

Spell CardEdit

Cloetta Spelletta
Helps you change into anything you want!

The Bratzillaz pledge to help all girls
With magic from the spirit world
If you want to change before your eyes
Recite this spell and be surprised

"Create a new me!
Now rearrange!
Give me the power to change!"


Cloetta's first name is based on her cousin Cloe. Her last name, Spelletta, is based on the word "spell", which is what is used to do magic. "Etta" means little.