"Hey! My name is Dana! My friends call me 'Sugar Shoes' because when I step out I do it sweet!"
, nicknamed Sugar Shoes, is one of the Bratz characters. She has light skin, blue eyes and brown hair and has appeared in many of the Bratz doll collections. She starred in Bratz: Starrin & Stylin, the "Bein' Who We Are" music video, and Bratz Kidz: Sleep-over Adventure. Dana was mentioned in the Bratz TV series once (in "Manicuring Candidate"), but was never seen.


"Dana's love for space and science influenced her own, totally mod style! But it's her collection of fancy footwear that earned her the nickname 'Sugar Shoes!' Dana's super-smart - you'll almost always find her either reading or on the computer. She wants to open the first shoe shop in space!"

  • Nickname: Sugar Shoes
  • Fave Color: Purple
  • Lucky Number: 26
  • Fave Movies: Romance and Sci-Fi
  • Fave Books: Books about space, whether it's fiction or non-fiction
  • Fave Food: Chocolate chip cookies
  • Fave Smoothie: Honeydew Melon
  • Fave Music: Classic blues
  • Fave Class: ICT and Computer Science
  • Fashion Passion: Totally sleek and mod outfits in sizzlin' sweet colors
  • Shoppin' Style: Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

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