Eitan On the Mic

"On the Mic" Eitan.

is one of the Bratz boys. He is a helpful guy with a heart of gold, and he is nicknamed the Dragon because he is a hotshot. Eitan has a crush on Jade, and he works at the Smoothie Bar as a waiter, but he wants to be a doctor. The Bratz girls sometimes help him deliver smoothies to friends in Stilesville. Eitan is musically talented, as he can sing and play guitar. He can come up with beautiful poems as well, but he can be immature and he loves pranks. Eitan can skateboard, his favorite color is bright green, his favorite sport is soccer, and his favorite hangout is the woods.sometimes he is seen playing pranks with best friend Koby he is a brill Rockstar to

he and Jade are hoping to get married cause theyre both love being Rebals and doing pranks together (cute) he as two guiters one black and one red

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