Fianna is one of the Bratz characters who has appeared in various of "Bratz" doll collections.


Fianna is described as a graceful and ladylike person; she is of Brazillian heritage. She is a dancer who enjoys in ballet, samba and contemporary.

She also has a passion for acting as well and enjoys trying out new perfumes.


  • Nickname: Fragrance
  • Lucky Number: 3
  • Fave Color: Chartreuse Green
  • Pet: Butterfly
  • Fave Movies: Dance movies
  • Fave Books: Travel books
  • Fave Food: Anything spicy
  • Fave Smoothie: Papaya
  • Fave Music: Brazilian Jazz
  • Fave Class: Portuguese Language
  • Fashion Passion: Mixing delicate styles in bright colors for a flirty fun look
  • Shoppin' Style: She takes a really long time to make up her mind