Jade 10yr Anniversary
is one of the four main Bratz girls, the others being Cloe, Sasha and Yasmin. They are best friends who love fashion and have nicknames for each other. Jade's nickname is Kool Kat. She enjoys designing clothes and putting together new looks, as well as going to trendy boutiques and thrift stores. She reads all of the latest fashion magazines and has a wildly unique perspective of things. She is a fashion inspiration to her friends, she is calm, and she has a great sense of adventure and humor. For Bratz magazine, Jade is the Fashion Editor.for the bratz


  • Nickname: Kool Kat.
  • Fave Color: Purple
  • Lucky Number: 2.
  • Fave Movies: Cartoons
  • Fave Books: She prefers fashion magazines.
  • Fave Food: Sushi, Popcorn, Fruit, anything,
  • Fave Smoothie: Strawberry.
  • Fave Music: Pop
  • Fave Class: Chemistry, because she likes mixing elements together.
  • Fashion Passion: Rodeo
  • Shoppin' Style: The coolest shops and the hippest styles.

Love Interest Eitan, Ross Geller, Emily,

Best friend and Sister Phoebe

Father the 6th doctor

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