Jade J'Adore
Jade J'Adore
Official artwork of Jade with Kissifuss.
Character Power Description "I'm a true romantic with gorgeous goth glam style! Love troubles? No problem... 'cause I can heal your broken heart in a heartbeat!"
Magic Power Helps heal a broken heart
Witchmark Heart Arrow
Fave Color Blood red
Fave Food Toasted toad
Fave Drink Peppermint spider latte
Fave Music Harp rock
Fave Class Fashion Magic
Fashion Passion Urban witchy
Fave Pet Kissifuss
Jade J'Adore is one of the five main Bratzillaz characters. She is Jade's wicked cousin. Jade found out she was a witch on her sixteenth birthday. She goes to a secret academy in the woods to learn how to cast magical spells, where her favorite class is Fashion Magic.

Jade's magical power is to fix broken hearts, and she has a devilish pet love monster named Kissifuss. Jade loves everything about love, punk and goth glam looks, luxurious lace, mysterious eyes and hearts on everything.

Spell CardEdit

Jade J'Adore
Helps heal a broken heart!

The Bratzillaz pledge to help all girls
With magic from the spirit world
To mend a broken heart today
Recite this spell exactly this way

"Amor! Amor!
May true love start
Heal my broken heart!"


Jade's first name is based on her cousin Jade's. Her last name, J'Adore, is a French word, which means "I adore". It refers to her magic powers, and her personality, which both relate to love.