Lil' Bratz girls

Clockwise - l to r: Ailani, Nazalia, Talia and Zada.

Lil' Bratz
is an American line of fashion dolls released by MGA Entertainment in 2002.. The dolls are a spin-off of the company's popular franchise Bratz. Lil' Bratz are miniature versions of the original four Bratz. There were also Lil' Boyz based on the Bratz Boyz. In 2007, a clothing line was released called Lil' Bratz Couture. There was an interactive DVD for Lil' Bratz called Lil' Bratz: Party Time!


  • Ailani
  • Nazalia
  • Zada
  • Talia
  • Rinnie
  • Lakin
  • Deavon
  • Mikko
  • Colin

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