Meygan 2011 Anniversary

Meygan is is one of the Bratz characters who has appeared in various "Bratz" doll collections.


Meygan is described as adventurious because she's always on the hunt for a new adventure whether it's traveling to a new land or trying something new at home.

She enjoys meeting new people, travelling, hosting parties and even plays the clarinet.

Meygan always keeps in touch with all of the friends that she has made while traveling and they help her keep up with the latest exotic trends.


  • Nickname: Funky Fashion Monkey
  • Lucky Number: 3
  • Fave Color: Blue\Cinnamon
  • Favorite Movies: Animated (such as "Beauty and the Beast")
  • Favorite Books: Adventure and spy novels; Harry Potter
  • Favorite Food: Anything barbequed
  • Fave Smoothie: Raspberry or whatever is trending
  • Favorite Music: Pop and Classical
  • Favorite Class: After-school yoga & horseback riding
  • Fashion Passion: Sprucing up a fabulous outfit with a touch of the exotic (like an animal print scarf or boots)
  • Shopping Style: Around-the-world fashion

Love LifeEdit

Meygan had a crush on a fellow student named Shane, and they were going to go on a date before he was exposed as a cheat.