Meygan 2011 Anniversary
is one of the Bratz girls. She is nicknamed Funky Fashion Monkey, and she enjoys meeting new people, hosting parties, and travelling. Meygan keeps in contact with all of the friends she makes while travelling, and they help her keep up with exotic fashion trends.


  • Nickname: Funky Fashion Monkey.
  • Lucky Number: 3.
  • Fave Color: Blue.
  • Fave Movies: Animated Movies.
  • Fave Books: Adventure and Spy novels.
  • Fave Food: Anything barbecued.
  • Fave Smoothie: Raspberry.
  • Fave Music: Pop and Classical.
  • Fave Class: After school Yoga and horseback riding
  • Fashion Passion: Sprucing up a fabulous outfit with a touch of the exotic like an animal print scarf or boots.
  • Shopping Style: Meygan loves to travel and pick up new pieces from different places.

Love LifeEdit

Meygan had a crush on a fellow student named Shane, and they were going to go on a date before he was exposed as a cheat.

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