Meygana Broomstix
Meygana Broomstix
Official artwork of Meygana with Wingzy.
Character Power Description "I’m into high flyin’ supernatural style! Want your wildest dreams to take flight? I can help you spread your wings and fly!"
Magic Power Helps you fly
Witchmark Wings
Fave Color Midnight blue
Fave Food Chicken wings
Fave Drink Marshmallow macchiato
Fave Music Trance dance
Fave Class Broom Gymnastics
Fashion Passion Sporty supernatural
Fave Pet Wingzy
Meygana Broomstix is one of the five main Bratzillaz characters. She is Meygan's wicked cousin. Meygana found out she was a witch on her sixteenth birthday. She goes to a secret academy in the woods to learn how to cast magical spells, where her favorite class is Broom Gymnastics.

Meygana's magical power is help people to fly, and she has a winged pet named Wingzy. Meygana and Wingzy show off their high flying style wherever they go, and Meygana loves all shades of blue sky, late night parties, cloud hopping, fluttery capes and helping your wildest dreams take flight.

Spell CardEdit

Meygana Broomstix
Helps your dreams take flight!

The Bratzillaz pledge to help all girls
With magic from the spirit world
Hop a cloud up in the sky
Recite this spell to learn to fly

"Let me soar!
On stars of night!
May my dreams take flight!"


Meygana's first name is based on her cousin Meygan's. Her last name, Broomstix, is an alternate spelling of the word "broomsticks". Broomsticks are traditionally used by witches to fly, which relates to Meygana's magic powers.