Nadine is one of the Bratz girls who was introduced in the "Style It!" collection. Her cousin is Jaylene.


Nadine is nicknamed "Miss-Sterious" because of her rather secretive personality. She has a number of untold secrets; her best secret is who she has a crush on: a dark-haired boy who loves playing soccer.

She is also well-famous at her school for being an opera singer star. She can also be very competitive, especially with her cousin, Jaylene. Nadine also aspires to be a doctor someday.


  • Nickname: Miss-Sterious
  • Lucky Number: 34
  • Favorite Color: Black, white and gray
  • Pet: Poodle
  • Favorite Movies: Marilyn Monroe films
  • Favorite Books: The Fault in our Stars
  • Favorite Food: Croissants
  • Favorite Smoothie: Banana
  • Favorite Songs: "Sorry"
  • Favorite Class: Physical Education
  • Favorite Passion: Mystery
  • Shopping Style: Style Mysterious and Pin-Up