Phoebe is Roxxi's twin sister. She is nicknamed "Sugar" by her sister and friends. She is also viewed as the "Good Twin".


She has blue eyes, auburn hair and a light skin tone. Phoebe has a beauty mark to the right of her upper lip, in contrast with Roxxi's. Phoebe is of Mexican and Italian heritage.

Personality ProfileEdit

Phoebe is as sweet as can be, and so is her style! That's why all of her friends and sister Roxxi call her Sugar. Phoebe is always concerned about other people, which is why everyone always comes to her for advice!

She is in LOVE with Prince Iden.


Doll LinesEdit

She has appeared in the Campfire, Hollywood Style and I.Candy doll lines.

Video GamesEdit

She appears in the Bratz video games.


  • Nickname: Sugar
  • Lucky Number: 2
  • Favorite Color: Pink
  • Favorite Movies: Romances
  • Favorite Books: Self-help Books
  • Favorite Food: Anything Chocolate
  • Favorite Music: Love Songs
  • Favorite Class: Social Studies
  • Favorite Passion: Heavenly Hip Looks in Soft, Fluffy Fabrics
  • Shopping Style: Out of the way Boutiques

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