Roxxi is one of the Bratz girls. She is nicknamed Spice because she loves to spice things up by trying new things. She is adventurous, and a talented singer and guitar player. She was previously in a band named Crash before they broke up. She join the Bratz Rock Angelz and they had a successful album and tour. Roxxi has a twin named Phoebe.


  • Nickname: Spice.
  • Lucky Number: 22.
  • Fave Color: Fire Engine Red.
  • Fave Movies: Rock and Danger/Action Movies.
  • Fave Books: Serious.
  • Fave Food: Big juicy hamburgers and chips.
  • Fave Smoothie: Raspberry.
  • Fave Music: Punk Rock and Taylor Momsen .
  • Fave Class: Music.
  • Fashion Passion: Red-hot rock styles, especially denim and leather.
  • Shoppin' Style: Edgy 'N' Punk

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