Sasha 10yr Anniversary
is one of the four main Bratz girls, the others being Cloe, Jade (Bratz) and Yasmin. They are best friends who love fashion and have nicknames for each other. Sasha's nickname is Bunny Boo, because she loves hip hop. She is a sassy girl who is not afraid of confronting people or situations, and she is very organized. However, she has a bad temper, often when things don't work out for her, which often leads her into trouble. If she gets into that kind of situation, she would open up and apologize. Even though she loves fashion as much as her friends, she loves music even more. For Bratz magazine, Sasha is the Music Editor. Sasha is always ready to stand up for her friends, and she is a confident and determined natural leader. She wants to be a record producer with her own fashion line as a career. Her boyfriend is Dylan


  • Nickname: Bunny Boo.
  • Fave Color: Orange and Red-Violet.
  • Lucky Number: 3.
  • Fave Movies: Edgy Comedies.
  • Fave Books: Biographies of successful people.
  • Fave Food: Mama's Soul Food and Power Bars.
  • Fave Smoothie: Blueberry and energy drinks.
  • Fave Music: Pop, Beyonce.linedancing
  • Fave Class: Social Studies and Dance.
  • Fashion Passion: Her style comes from the street - old funk style
  • Shoppin' Style: Bold, Statement Jewelry and Chunky Metallic Colors

Sister Cloe likes her Hubby Dylan

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