Sashabella Paws
Official artwork of Sashabella with Fluffinscruff.
Character Power Description "Grrrr! I’m all about frighteningly fabulous faux fur and furry friends! I can chat with animals... so let’s get fierce!"
Magic Power Helps you communicate with animals
Witchmark Tribal Cat
Fave Color Underground earth tones
Fave Food Tofu bat burgers
Fave Drink Poison ivy tea
Fave Music Ferocious funk
Fave Class Exotic Animal Languages
Fashion Passion Fierce faux fur
Fave Pet Fluffinscruff
Sashabella Paws is one of the five main Bratzillaz characters. She is Sasha's wicked cousin. Sashabella found out she was a witch on her sixteenth birthday. She goes to a secret academy in the woods to learn how to cast magical spells, where her favorite class is Exotic Animal Languages.

Sashabella's magical power is helping people to communicate with animals, and she has a pet furball named Fluffinscruff. Sashabella loves faux fur, mixing it up with patterns, funky hats and fuzzy boots. She has a fierce fashion style and bewitching personality.

Spell CardEdit

Sashabella Paws
Helps you communicate with animals!

The Bratzillaz pledge to help all girls
With magic from the spirit world
To chat with fierce or furry friends
Recite this spell until the end

"Fluff 'n' scruff!
Striped hair of cat!
Give me animal chat!"


Sashabella's first name is based on her cousin Sasha's. "Bella" literally means "beautiful" in Italian. Sashabella's surname, Paws, refers to animals, which Sashabella loves.