Sharidan Jones is one of the Bratz girls. She was shy and unconfident before she met Cloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin in Bratz Forever Diamondz. They pick Sharidan to compete in a teen fashion designer competition because of her unique and creative and she wins.


  • Nickname: Sparklin' Sheep.
  • Lucky Number: 4.
  • Fave Color: She can't pick just one.
  • Fave Movies: Anything with great fashions inspiration.
  • Fave Books: Art Books.
  • Fave Food: Blueberry pancakes.
  • Fave Smoothie: banana
  • Fave Music: Dance music.
  • Fave Class: dancer
  • Fashion Passion: Creating one-of-a-kind designs that shine.
  • Shoppin' Style: She prefers to make her own clothes.

Wife/ Cloe and loves her dearly

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