Bratz boutique yasmin art

Yasmin is one of the original four members of the Bratz Pack (along with Jade, Cloe and Sasha). She was named after MGA Entertainment president Isaac Larian's daughter, Jasmine.


Yasmin is described as a quiet girl who is feminine, glamorous and graceful. She is a talented writer and an aspiring pop star. She is also open-minded, not pretentious and loves alternative trends in fashion, fitness & beauty.

For "Bratz" magazine, Yasmin is the trends writer. She is into yoga and animals are her passion.


"It’s me, Yasmin! I can spend hours mixing and matching new pieces with vintage ones! I might be shy, but I really love being on stage and singing my heart out!"

  • Nickname: Pretty Princess
  • Pet: Frog
  • Favorite Sport: Yoga
  • Favorite Movies: Romance, comedy, drama & fantasy
  • Favorite Books: Mystery, romance, non-fiction, fantasy and drama
  • Favorite Music: Indie rock, pop, jazz and punk rock
  • Favorite Food: Pasta or anything Italian, Thai, Meditteranean, anything ethnic and pizza
  • Favorite Class: Creative writing, music & science
  • Favorite Color: Honey yellow and Earth-tone colors
  • Fashion Passion: Vintage bohemian style with tons of texture and earth tones